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Rossland, BC

Winter x-country in Rossland

Overview of directions

The overview of this route is to take I-90 until you hit the Columbia river and then travel up the river into Canada. A Washington state map is probably a good thing to have in your car. Rossland is just a few miles north of Northport, WA, so you don't actually need a Canada/B.C. map. Mountain passes: Snoqualmie on I-90 and a steep hill the last 6-10 miles.


If you take this route you will find food/hotels/stopping at the following spots. This isn't a thoroughly researched list - only what we've seen from the car window:

  • Ellensburg (~1.5-2 hrs from Seattle): Decent food and hotels

  • George off the highway at exit #143 on I-90 is Cave B inn, restaurant, spa and winery. Its great esp if you have dogs! Not cheap and you probably need a reservation: http://www.sagecliffe.com/Inn.htm. If you want to leave Seattle after work and just get out of the city, past traffic, this is a perfect spot to eat & spend the night.

  • Ephrata (~3hrs from Seattle): Best Western + motels + some food. This is the best "mid point" stop

  • Soap Lake (~3.25 hours from Seattle): Immediately when you get to Soap Lake there are 2 small motels near the river

  • Wilbur (~4 hours from Seattle): Food, maybe espresso, shaky looking motels

  • Creston (~4 hours from Seattle): Espresso

  • On the Miles Creston road, about 2/3rds of the way through on your left is a park called the Hawks Nest. Its a good place for a short walk, picnic, stretch.

  • Kettle Falls (5-5.5 hours from Seattle): motels + food (if the health food store is open, its got a good caf. Take a right at the stop sign and its on the right.)-- but you're only an hour max from Rossland... so we always keep driving.

  • Gas: Past Soap Lake, and especially past Wilbur, there isnt much especially late at night (except for Kettle Falls).


  • Take I-90 East to exit #151. Follow signs to Ephrata/Soap Lake/Grand Coulee.

  • Take 283 North when you leave I-90 towards Ephrata & Soap Lake.

  • 283 North will merge with 28 East. Stay on 28 East towards Ephrata and Soap Lake

  • About 10 minutes past Ephrata, take 17 North towards Soap Lake & Grand Coulee.

At this point you are driving along the Columbia River on your left, which is quite pretty and worth doing in the day light.

  • About 20 mins north of Soap Lake, you will take a Right on 2 East, going towards Grand Coulee/Spokane.

  • At this point you are 66 miles east of Wenatchee on highway 2.

  • IF YOU ARE COMING FROM WENATCHEE direction, pick up these directions here. For these directions, do NOT take 155 to Grand Coulee Dam, but instead stay on 2 East.

  • Just past Creston & mile marker 232, take a left on Miles Creston Road. You will see a Lake Roosevelt sign & be going towards Lincoln and Seven Bays.

  • After a short while, continue straight on this road instead of taking the left for Lincoln

  • After about 20 miles on Miles Creston Road, it will end.

  • Take a left on 25 North towards Kettle Falls & signs for Fort Spokane.

  • Continue on 25 North through Kettle Falls, towards Northport. After Kettle Falls you will see a signs for "Trail, BC. Trail is 6 miles past Rossland.

  • Continue on 25 North through Northport & through the US/Canada border.

Be nice to the border people. You are now 6 miles from Rossland, approximately 10 miles from the house.

  • 25 North changes to 22 at the border. Keep heading straight up the hill.

  • At the top of the hill you will see signs for 3B East (for Rossland town, Trail, etc) and 3B West. Veer left (or straight) on 3B West if you are coming straight to the house. There is a RaceTrac gas station/Cantina at this split.  

  • After 2.5 miles, you will go past Red Mountain sign on your left. Then you will see Richie road on your right, then a sign that says "74 kilometers to next services."

  • Take your next right onto Mann Road/signs for Black Jack. (This is 2.7 miles from the Gas Station.) Note that in the winter the Mann Road sign is usually down and in the summer the Black Jack sign is sometimes down.

  • We are 0.7 miles down on Mann road. We are the 2nd to last house on the right on Mann Road. Our address is 4775 Mann Road. When you pull down the driveway, you can't miss the house!