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Cabin in Coyle, WA

The cabin is a magical place but it is also 30-40 minutes from shopping and restaurants. With no TV or email and limited electricity, heat by wood stove, and cold storage through an ice box, think of your experience as super deluxe camping. For more information on the architecture and design, read Pacific Northwest Magazine's  A Hut of Their Own.

The main cabin is 800 sq feet with a very open design. There are two sleeping lofts, but no real privacy or sound barrier walls (except for the bathroom.) 

Coyle, WA  
For MapQuest: 267 Tskutsko Pt Road, Quilcene, WA 98376
Olympic Penninsula

~ 2 hours from Seattle (+ ferry wait time)

For the Edmonds to Kingston Ferry that is 15 minutes to the ferry, 45 minutes at/on the ferry (+ any extra wait time) and 1 hour from Kingston (ferries run from Edmonds about every 40 minutes or so). For Seattle to Bainbridge, you have about 1 hour, 15 min drive from the ferry to the cabin.

Check Ferry Schedule; http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/ferries/

There is  NO STORE within 40 miles of the cabin. So if you need anything, make sure you have it with you before you've passed Kingston, Poulsbo, Quilcene (where the store is nasty) depending on your route. If you stop for anything, feel free to pick us up some block ice for the "ice chest" (but not ice cream as it will not stay frozen). It's the only thing we'll probably need. We have plenty of food and drinks.

      WATCH FOR DEER past the Hood Canal bridge. Also, There is construction on the Hood Canal Bridge. There are no major closures scheduled until May 2009, but you can check for status: http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/projects/sr104hoodcanalbridgeeast/ 

The last ¼ mile to the cabin requires 4-wheel drive (or a good front wheel drive if there has been a lot of rain recently.) If this is an issue, we can shuttle you the last bit. We will try to check our cell phones for messages but reception is spotty. Email is not reliable while we are there.



From the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry:

Take I-5 North to Edmonds ferry (you'll take 104 and follow the signs). Take Ferry After Ferry follow the road out of Kingston and follow signs to the Hood Canal Bridge. Then pick up at “from Hood Canal Bridge” below.

There is a  Thriftway on your right on the way out of Kingston. After that, there isn’t much, so get what you need there.

From downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Ferry:

I do not have detailed directions from the Bainbridge to the Hood Canal Bridge, but it is well signed. (basically SR 305 to SR 3 to SR 104) Also if you look at a map, it is fairly straightforward. Follow all signs towards the Hood Canal Bridge, Port Townsend and/or Port Angeles. Then pick up at “from Hood Canal Bridge” below.

 If you take the Bainbridge Ferry, the last best shopping is  Central Market on your right as you leave Poulsbo. There is also a great store in the center of Bainbridge. Take a left at the first light after you exit the ferry and a Thriftway/Metro Market it will be on your left.

From Tacoma or any place south of Seattle on I-5:

Take I-5 north to either Olympia or Tacoma and then cut up the Olympic Peninsula. One way is the least # of miles. The other is the least amount of time. You can get detailed directions by going to Expedia Map and plugging in where you are coming from and going to "Coyle, WA". Follow these directions to Colye and then pick up at FROM COYLE.

The Olympia way takes 101 N to 104 and you'd follow the Expedia directions all the way to Coyle. Whereas the Tacoma way takes 16 to 3 to the Hood Canal Bridge. Follow the directions from the Hood Canal Bridge just below.

From the Hood Canal Bridge

Cross Hood Canal Bridge (go to WEST side) (you are traveling on SR-104) - About 1/2 mile past the Realty office on the left, turn left onto South Point Road. After a mile or so the road changes name Thorndyke Road. - At the Y intersection take a right (staying on Thorndyke) towards Coyle. At the T intersection, take a left towards Coyle. You are now on Coyle road.

From Coyle (COYLE Road):

  • Our turn is just past mile marker #14. Just beforehand you will descend a steep hill. You'll pass the fire station on your left (start to slow down here) and see an Embarq shed on the left, as well as signs for the Coyle dump. You will see a sign for an intersection and you will go just past mile marker #14.
  • At this intersection, turn right. (If you see signs for the Coyle community center on your left, you've gone 1/2 block too far.)
  • Take a left (pretty quickly) at the Y intersection and go up Thousand Trails Road.
  • Take a right at the next T intersection onto a dirt road named Tskutsko. Continue up the hill. You'll see our gate, straight ahead. We'll leave it open for you.
  • Drive down the dirt road. On your left you will see a older Airstream with a big porch. That is “CabinAir”. After you pass that, the dirt road will fork. Go to your left. Then make sure you stay straight through the yellow gates (towards the fenced orchard.) Do not take the right into our grumpy neighbor’s driveway! You are now on the road that leads down to our property. Drive slowly. After about ¼ mile you will begin a very steep descent. At the end of the descent, is our cabin.
  • If it is raining or you are worried about your car, etc – feel free to park at the well house (you’ll see it on your left – just a cement block shed) and walk to the remaining ¼ mile down the hill. Or make a lot of noise (beep) and we’ll come get you in the Subaru.
  • If for some reason the gate is locked  walk down the road and find us. Or walk to Cabin Jr and look under the front step and there is a gate key.

What to Pack 

Bring super casual clothes for walking, kayaking, lounging. There are lots of oyster shells, etc on the beach – so some shoes that can get wet while walking the beach can come in handy. If you don’t mind coldish water, bring your swim suit and take a dip in the Hood Canal. It gets cool at night so an extra sweater/pants, etc are useful. We ask folks to take off their shoes inside & we provide slippers, but if you want to bring your own, feel free. There is a full bathroom & working basic kitchen. The refrigeration is an ice chest – so feel free to bring an extra block of ice… but no ice cream (we can’t freeze stuff.) There are good places for walking, hiking, road biking and ad-hoc mountain biking near by. And we have kayaks there. My personal favorite activity is laying on the rocky beach and taking a nap.

And, if you are staying at CabinAir

Welcome to CabinAir. The great thing about CabinAir is that there aren’t many rules!! That said, a few:

·         Before you leave ask us about the gate key. If you forget, just park next to the gate and walk down.

·         What to bring: preferably bring your own sheets and towels. We have back up, but then we have to deal with cleaning them, etc. Sleeping bags are ideal. There should be toilet paper, some bottled water, etc. But it never hurts to bring extra. We are still getting all the mechanisms up and running. Right now that means no fridge, so bring a cooler. Also we are still testing the furnace, so it may be a touch cold.  

·         There is are 2 small (“full sized” beds) and a queen sized air bed (blows up via an integrated foot pump and is stored under the bed in the front room) that fits (just) on the floor. For the 2 beds built into the AirStream, they both pull out. For the back bedroom that big foam “back pillow” slides into the open slot. For the front bed, you’ll figure it out.

·         Cooking: there is a grill and cook stove.  There are plenty of plates, glasses, pots, pans, silverware, etc. If you cook inside, open up window’s or use the exhaust.

·         Electricity: the electricity is via solar panels. Usually there is enough juice to run the lights & water pump that are integrated into the airstream. But there is very limited electricity for other items such as computers, tv, cell chargers (i.e. anything you have to plug in.) For these you need to turn on the inverter first and turn it off immediately after use. (The inverter uses a lot of electricity & requires instruction.) If we haven’t talked about it, assume you don’t have electricity outside of the stuff built into the airstream.

·         Other utilities: There is a working toilet and running water. You just have to flip on the water pump for them to work (on the panel above the stove top.) The water is probably fine for drinking as we use our well water to fill up the Airstream reservoir. But we haven’t tested it. We use it all the time for coffee, washing, etc.  There are usually 2 extra blue jugs of well water outside as well. We have a telephone (you need your credit card for long distance calls) and DSL (which needs electricity.) Phone# is:  360 765-0605. There is usually good cell service.

·         There is a wonderful large porch with table, chairs and an amazing view. Oh, and a climbing wall off the side. Be careful and use at your own risk. We have mats in the crate. Ask us where the keys are.

·         Keys! There is a key lock box right by the front door of the airstream. To open it, use the first 6 digits of Alex’s cell number.  

·         If you need something, it is probably there - just keep looking. First Aid kit is usually up above the fridge. There is bathroom stuff in the bathroom. Extra sweaters, caps, etc in the closet. Books, games, etc in the drawers across from the 2nd bed, candles above the bed in the first room, “solar shower” in the bathroom above tup. Lots of back up salt, sugar, coffee, tea, even dog food in the kitchen. Just search and yee will find.

·         What to do when you leave: TURN OFF THE INVERTER AND ALL ELECTICAL EVERYTHING! Once the batteries for the solar get drained, they are useless for a long time. Sweep & clean up, remove all trash, make sure there are no open food containers and make sure that all paper products & bedding stuff are back in the plastic boxes/bags (to protect from mice) , close all windows (at least ¾ closed). If you use any sheets, towels, etc – please let us know and put them in the bright blue bag hanging in the sheet closet and leave it in the front room. Cleaning stuff is in the bathroom closet. Return the keys to the lock box. Wave good bye.

·         Other stuff: dogs, kids, etc are ok – just clean up when you’re done. If you plan to use our kayaks, ask us where the keys are. If there is ripe fruit in the orchard, help yourself.

·         If you take oysters and clams from the beach, please return the shells to the beach.